Cicli Adriatica srl ​​guarantees by law 2 years warranty from the date indicated on the proof of purchase issued by an official reseller ( invoice or receipt proving the model sold). For all electric bikes the guarantee is always 2 years for mechanical parts e 1 year for all electrical components including batteries .

The guarantee does not include:

  • Products without a fiscal document (receipt or invoice);
  • E-bike components whose serial numbers have been modified or tampered with;
  • Damage to electrical parts caused by high pressure washing;
  • The normal wear of the components ( like tires, chains, brakes, cables, free wheels);
  • Damage caused by improper use, incorrect maintenance, from accidents, from corrosion, from anything that does not include proper use;
  • Components that have reached their natural end of wear cycle;
  • The effects of prolonged exposure to the sun (UV rays) which may cause discoloration or yellowing , also including prolonged exposure in display cases;
  • The erosion of the salt;
  • Products that have undergone any modification or alteration from the original factory;
  • The manpower required for the repair, therefore the manufacturer's obligations are limited only to the replacement of defective parts;
  • Transportation fee;
  • Prolonged exposure to heat sources or areas that may cause corrosion to the contacts;
  • Prolonged exposure to bad weather which can cause rust to spread to all bicycle components simultaneously;
  • Damage caused by using the bicycle for sporting competitions.

The warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.
Our technicians reserve the right to evaluate from time to time upon request for material proving the defect , the truthfulness or otherwise of the guarantee.

All warranty claims must be made by filling in the form available by downloading it Who and sending it to: assistenza@cicliadriatica.it